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A couple and their two-month-old baby were the only survivors reported to have been found alive. Authorities reduced the number of missing after 15 people were confirmed as safe, the Xinmo village propaganda department said on its microblog. It was not clear if the 15 had been rescued or had simply been away at the time of the disaster. The rescue involved more than 3,000 people despite the danger of more landslides, Xinhua reported. Television showed pictures of industrial excavators removing rubble from a hillside dotted with workers in hard hats. Geological experts said the chances of anyone surviving under the rubble were slim, Xinhua reported. "We weren't able to pull anyone out alive," Wu Youheng who lives in a neighboring village and rushed to help on Saturday, told Reuters. "We pulled out two people but they were already dead. I think it's too late, they're unlikely to find anyone else alive." Wu said that the area was prone to landslides but the scale of Saturday's slide was unprecedented. Wu's wife, Zhang Xiaohong, said they often sleep in other villages because of fear of landslides but could not afford to move to a safer part of Mao county, where Xinmo is located. The names of the missing were posted on government websites.

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What sells this outfit is the fact that Perrie knows she looks incredible . She struck a pose on the massive yacht like a pro, arching her back to the sky and pointing her toes. The pic, posted on her Instagram, was captioned “boats and hoes”. You know, like the song from Stepbrothers? So funny! Perrie’s been having so much fun in the sun with her English footballer boyfriend while on their romantic getaway for two. She’s been posting pics of their vacation non-stop, and she’s looked amazing every step of the way. At one point, they actually went snorkeling ! Rather than wearing a standard issue scuba suit, Perrie put on a black bikini to go with her mask and flippers.

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